Terms of service

TERMS OF SERVICE Participants take full responsibility to abide by HeartBeat LA rules and regulations.  PARTICIPANTS - All participants must be 21 years and older and must provide proof if necessary.  - No sex offenders are permitted to participate in any event.  - Competitors or match makers are not allowed to attend the event without proper introduction and request after which we reserve the right to revoke our services. 
  • HeartBeat LA reserves the right to to deny any participants from attending our event for whatever reason. 
  • Events may be cancelled or postponed 3 hours before the event. 
  • Change of venue may occur 24 hours before the event .
  • HeartBeat LA does not guarantee any matches or dates after the event. 
  • Requesting personal contact information from other participants during the event is strictly prohibited. 
  • No sexual or inappropriate remarks, conversation of touching is permitted. 
  • In the case that any of the above occurs, HeartBeat LA reserves the right to have participant leave the event and venue.  
  • HeartBeat LA is not liable for any stolen property during the event. 
AFTER THE EVENT - Participants’ information will only be shared with requested matches.  Cancellation Policy:  If an event is canceled for whatever reason, participants will automatically be refunded.  If an event is postponed, participants are automatically placed on the guest list for the next event.  If participant is not able to make it to the next event, participant will be refunded. Postponed events are not guaranteed to be in the same venue.   Participants must notify HeartBeat LA 3 days before the event to cancel/refund tickets.  Should participant fail to notify HeartBeat LA 3 days before the event to cancel/request refund, HeartBeat LA is no longer required to refund, however, participant may request for credit to another upcoming event of the same value.